Frequently Asked Questions


Category: Guests
  • Donate
  • Donate new or used fishing equipment or tackle.
  • Become a corporate sponsor.
  • Sponsor a special event.
  • Partner with us.
Category: Guests
  • We call 911¬†and¬†immediately dock the boat. Our captions & volunteers are not medically trained to administer emergency medical care. We do have a first aid kit on board for non-emergency situations.
  • Life jackets are to be worn by all guests, staff, and volunteers before they are allowed to enter the docking area. Guests are to remain seated at all times while on the pontoon.
Category: Guests
  • Pre-departure drop off site is located near the restrooms by the main boat ramp. Handicap parking is available at these locations.
  • Life jackets are to be put on at this location before heading to the boat ramp, dock, or pontoon area.
Category: Guests
  • We offer 2 trips per day Monday thruThursday 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. & 1 p.m to 3 p.m. weather permitting.
  • Fridays are reserved for makeup days due to weather related cancelations.
  • Evenings and weekends are reserved for special events and hospice or recovery patients and their guests.
  • Our season runs May 1st thru September 30th.
Category: Guests
  • Trips may be cancelled due to rain, extreme heat, or high wind conditions. Our Captains will contact your group leader or contact person.
  • Lake conditions could also cause cancellations due to high or low water levels. Multiple lakes have been approved to keep our guests safely on the water. We will keep your group informed on lake conditions.
Category: Guests
  • Our specially equipped pontoon boat can hold up to 3 regular size non-motorized wheel chairs per cruise.
  • Special guidelines are in place to assist with the loading and unloading of wheelchair guests on the boat and escorting them on the boat ramp and dock area.
Category: Guests
  • Our specially equipped pontoon boat can hold 10 guests, including care center staff responsible for the group. Our Captain and 1st Mate will also be aboard, for a total of 12 persons maximum per trip.
  • We prefer to have a minimum of 4 guests or more for each cruise.
Category: Guests
  • The State lakes we use have ADA accessible restrooms near the boat ramp.
  • There is no restroom on the pontoon boat. Guests are encouraged to use the restrooms on shore before boarding the pontoon.
Category: Guests
  • No food or alcohol is allowed on the pontoon boat on regular trips. Bottled water will be provided to keep our guests refreshed.
Category: Guests
  • We encourage/practice catch and release on our cruises. We believe in proper stewardship of the lands and natural resources entrusted to us, and for future generations to enjoy.
  • Guests, staff, and volunteers are encouraged to take lots of pictures to capture memories of their catches.
  • We also understand on limited occasions a catch may have special purpose or meaning and will work with guests to provide a memorable event providing all lake and State regulations are met.
Category: Guests
  • Cruises are provided thru donations, sponsorships, and grants.
  • Groups of up to 10 people may be sponsored for $125 per hour.
  • Special pricing for multiple cruise packages and all day celebrations.
  • Special pricing for hospice family cruises.
Category: Guests
  • Guests 16 years of age or older.
  • Special low cost permits available for Veterans (64 and older) and Seniors (69 or older) for Nebraska residents.
  • Mobile permits are also available from Outdoor Nebraska
  • Online fishing regulations and additional permit information with purchase link
Category: Guests
  • You should bring your fishing license, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or visor, and appropriate clothing for the weather.
  • You must bring a completed, signed official Live Well Go Fish Release of Liability & Photo Release form. This form is provided prior to each cruise and is required to board the boat.
Category: Guests
  • We provide the fishing guides, rods, reels, tackle, life jackets, nets and bait.
  • We provide bottled water to our guests on each cruise.
  • We provide a specially equipped wheelchair accessible pontoon boat.
  • We provide plenty of fun & laughter with new faces in outdoor places.
Category: Guests